IT as a Service

With Advitum 365 SMB, we’ll become your IT department

The development within digitalization is incredibly fast, and for a smaller organization, it is almost impossible to keep up with maintaining a secure, efficient, and modern IT environment.

With our service Advitum 365 SMB, we take responsibility for your IT environment, both today and tomorrow.

Advitum 365 | Identity

A user’s digital identity is perhaps the most important protection against various types of cybercrime. Advitum manages user administration, backup, security, licenses, and more. Leave the responsibility to us.

Advitum 365 | Monitoring

When working with IT systems, it is crucial to detect and rectify operational disturbances and other problems as quickly as possible. Advitum monitors network equipment, clients, routers, firewalls, and more.

Advitum 365 | Workplace

A well-functioning IT workplace is one of the most important tools for employees. Advitum handles PCs, phones, and tablets regarding software, security features, support, and more.

Advitum 365 SMB | IT Department

If you are a smaller organization that considers IT a challenge, our service is for you. As your IT department we quickly solve your various challenges so you can exploit all benefits of modern digitalization.

Advitum 365 | Service Desk

As your Service Desk we take full responsibility for being your users’ IT contact. We receive, register and handle error reports, alarms or orders and at the same time relieve your existing organization.

Advitum 365 | Security

Maintaining expertise in IT security requires experience, training, and time. We ensure that your organization has full control of IT security and is ready to face today’s threat of cyber attacks.

Advitum 365 | Network

A well-functioning IT network is vital for an organization, and operational disturbances quickly create significant costs. We make sure that your IT network is secure, updated, and optimized.

Advitum 365 | Server & Operations

Our experience is that most servers’ software and hardware have inadequate security and functionality. At Adivtum we take care of the operation, maintenance, and monitoring of your server infrastructure.