Time to Change IT Partner?

At Advitum, we have been delivering IT services since 2010 and can help you achieve an efficient and secure IT environment while supporting your strategic digitalization journey.

Advitum assists its customers with the digital journey by offering IT services that create value and help you as a customer achieve your goals. Examples of areas where we are specialists include digital workplaces, IT security, Cloud journey, data processing, and digital infrastructure.

Client cases

Oskarshamn Energi

As a provider of critical societal functions, it is of utmost importance to have the highest possible security in the IT environment.



Södra has made a strategic decision to move its server park to a cloud-based solution.


Full-day workshop on Microsoft 365 to support Elajo in its continued cloud journey.

Advitum’s vision

“Advitum will have the most satisfied customers and employees in the IT industry”

Advitum’s vision has been the company’s guiding star since the start in 2010. It is based on our conviction that satisfied and committed employees are the foundation of a good delivery with a high level of service – which also leads to satisfied and happy customers.

Why Advitum?






Client focus

“When I founded Advitum in 2010, I had a very clear and distinct vision in front of me,
‘We shall have the industry’s most satisfied customers and employees'”.
The vision is an obligation, but we are well on our way, and everything we do within Advitum brings us a little closer to our vision.

Markus Persson, Founder and CEO